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Lot n° 12 - 1914-1944
Complete collection of its 116 issues from the "Albert Sallet" collection, co-founded in 1913 with Léopold Cadière, of the Foreign Missions of Paris, of the Association of Friends of Old Hué.
On November 16, 1913, seventeen people gathered in a room in Tho-Viên Palace, in the heart of the Citadel of Hué, and officially gave birth to the Association of Friends of Old Hué. No one could, at that precise moment, realize what would become, what would produce, what would symbolize the first "Franco-Anamite Study Society". In thirty years of impressive activity, the sum of research undertaken, studies published, documents collected, monuments preserved and restored, will make the modest AAVH one of the largest "Historical Charters of Annam", one of the most effective Commissions for the protection of the sites of Hué and its region and one of the most authentic centers of Franco-Anamite rapprochement. To carry out the undertaking, an exceptional team was needed, led by a mission: to research, preserve and transmit the old political, religious, artistic and literary memories, both European and Annamite, that are linked to Hue and its surroundings.
The mission of the AAVH will be twofold: dissemination of Vietnamese culture on the one hand and preservation and conservation of monuments on the other.
The complete collection of the Bulletin des Amis du Vieux Hué impresses by its importance: from January 1914 to June 1944, there are no less than 120 volumes totalling about 13,000 pages of text, 2,800 off-text plates and 700 engravings in black and color.

Years 1914-1944. The complete set of 116 bulletins published by the Association.
In very good general condition, and all are stamped "Fonds Albert Sallet". Presented in ten boxes.

Provenance: Albert Sallet collection (1877-1948). Military doctor in Indochina. Co-founder in 1913 of the Association des amis du Vieux Hué with Léopold Cadière, from the Foreign Missions of Paris. Corresponding member of the École française d'Extrême-Orient. After leaving the Army, he became Curator of the Cham de Tourane Art Museum until 1931, then Curator of the Georges-Labit Museum in Toulouse.

1914 1944 THE BULLETINS OF THE FRIENDS OF THE OLD BOOED (1914 1944) Complete collection of its 116 issues from the "Albert Sallet" collection, co founded in 1913 with Léopold Cad…
Estimate — 5 000 - 6 000 €
Lynda Trouvé - Paris , France


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