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DANRIT. (Combination of three books). JEAN TAPIN - History of a family of soldiers 1st period: 1792-1830. (1898). Ch. Delagrave. 452 pages. Illustrations by Paul Semant. Preface by François Coppée. Polychrome historiated plaque, Drum Major on the background of a battle. (Backstroke passes) GIRLS OF NAPOLEON - History of a family of soldiers 2nd period: 1830-1870. (1898). Ch. Delagrave. 444 pages (partially detached sheets). Illustrations by Paul of Semant, as well as the plate (blunt corners). PETIT MARSOUIN - History of a family of soldiers 3rd period: 1870-1886. (1898). Ch. Delagrave. 449 pages. Illustrations by Paul Sémant, as well as the polychrome historiated plate (partly gilded).

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DANRIT. (Combination of three books). JEAN TAPIN H…

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