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More about Drouot

Drouot Card

By joining the Drouot Card membership program, you receive the monthly cultural program of the Hôtel Drouot directly in your mail box.

Drouot also invites the members to events and privileged visits organised at the Hôtel Drouot.

Finally, try to win tickets for openings and exhibitions at museums and partner institutions.


Drouot Formation

12, rue Drouot
75009 Paris - France
Tél. +33 (0)1 48 00 20 52

Drouot Formation, an educational tool for art connoisseurs, offers the professional "Art advisor, specialist in the art market" programme, as well as lecture cycles for the general public enabling people to grasp some of the major themes in History of Art.

The aim of the " Art advisor, specialist in the art market” programme is to train future high-level professionals in an entrepreneurial spirit, who can easily adapt to the fluctuations of the market and are able to operate internationally.

Taught in the Quartier Drouot, the neighbourhood surrounding the Hôtel Drouot, the courses allow students to benefit from daily and direct contact with works of art, and to meet many professionals along the way.

One Thursday a month, the City Council of the 9th district of Paris and Drouot Formation offer “L’Art en Conférences” (Art in Lectures). These lectures give attendees the opportunity to explore a major theme in culture or in the arts of living and are presented by speakers who are references in their speciality – researchers, experts, authors, curators, etc.

Free entry.

Access the programme

Exclusives tours

To familiarise yourself with the auction world, Drouot offers discovery tours for groups and, several times a year, for individuals. Our tours last 1 hour and 30 minutes and are led by an accredited Drouot Formation professor. They present the history of our institution, guide you through the exhibition and auction rooms, sprinkle the tour with facts and anecdotes, present the various professions of the Hôtel Drouot and provide the keys to understand the mechanisms of the art market.

The Hôtel Drouot discovery tours can be organised from Monday to Friday as well as some Saturdays, for groups of up to 20 people.


art passionately!

The iconic Hôtel Drouot is the leading auction place in France. Open to all, the institution is a key marketplace for art connoisseurs. Whether you are a demanding collector or not, you will be able to keep up with the latest art market news, browse the upcoming sales and main results, take part in events... Stay connected to this unique place through our auctions and exhibitions calendars, and explore the unique universe of this fascinating world through our guide and variety of services.
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