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Sale: Friday 05 March 2021
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Lot n° 13 - François POMPON (1855 - 1933) Black panther, lying ears, 1927 Ink wash with markings in pencil on tracing paper pasted on paper, signed twice down to the bottom right 47 x 66,5 cm 6 000/10 000 € (accidents, bending and restorations) Provenance: - Private Collection Mrs. Liliane Colas kindly indicated to us that : The drawing of this Black Panther corresponds to a realization in stone, it is a useful preparatory work for a stonemason in direct carving, a technique that Pompon mastered and practiced for his own works and mixed with that of the focusing- On tracing paper as he used to do, the sculptor drew in black ink a Black Panther whose bronze (Dijon) we found identifiable by the position of its tail resting on the ground and slightly away from the left hind leg with its ears lying backwards. The bronze edited in 1925 resembles him without being really identical mainly by the position of the head, the lengthening of the neck as well as that of the ears, lower. In 1928, a small black panther made of white lithographic stone appears at the Tuileries exhibition. For the solidity of its waist, it has its tail against its left hind leg. He drew it on a large tracing page as direct carvers do. The last panthers have the peculiarity of not resting on an incorporated base, unlike the previous ones. Also in 1927/28, the Great Black Panther's enlargement appears, with its tail dragged slightly away from the leg, followed by the reduction where it will be against it. The drawing on a large tracing paper is a working tool for the project of the stonecutting and the enlargement. Pompon as a stonecutter often makes his drawings on tracing paper and uses them for the final realization. It is not by chance that he draws and paints his panther in black, black like his race, like the future bronze. This drawing will specify the lines and their tilting to be visible on each profile by marking points on the one he prefers while the other is suggested in lighter wash. These points will ensure the balance and the start of the lines to be shown for the vision of the whole readable on the chosen profile. He gives the limits by drawing a vertical line at the head. Pompon also explained his method, which consisted in bringing each of his sculptures into a defined frame but where they could move, i.e. continue their movement. All the defined lines are uninterrupted which gives a clear and precise image that he will work in a subtle way inside according to the incidence of light, we have the impression of volume well rendered in the drawing. There is a very similar drawing dedicated to my friend Jeannette. A certificate from Mrs. Liliane Colas dated February 12, 2021 will be given to the buyer.

François POMPON (1855 1933) Black panther, lying ears, 1927 Ink wash with markings in pencil on tracing paper pasted on paper, signed twice down to the bottom right 47 x 66,5 cm 6 …
Estimate — 6 000 - 10 000 €
Villanfray & Associés - Paris,
Friday 05 March - 14:00


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