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ADER – €337,500 for a 15th century illuminated Firman
Friday 29 June 2018
Expert: Marie-Christine David

On Friday 29 June, during an Islamic and Indian arts sale by auction house Ader, a rare illuminated Firman sold for €337,500*. This decree was issued by sultan Aq Qoyunlu Uzun Hasan who reigned upon Turcoman Empire between 1453 and 1478. It now joins the collection of an international museum. (Lot n° 94)

This document is based on the traditional Timurid official decrees, where the text is written in Tawqi’ and is preceded of large calligraphic composition with long poles, written in Thuluth in gold and blue ink.

The monumental inscriptions are religious invocations, some of them from the Coran and the Prophet’s hadiths. 
*Incl. premium

tableaux, dessins, estampes, art moderne et contemporain

Sale: Friday 29 June 2018
Auction house
Tel. 01 53 40 77 10


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